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AA Auto Centre Strydom Park

AA Auto centre

At the AA Auto Centre we believe in transparent ethical business practices. We have created a concept car that indicates what is needed for your vehicle when you come through to visit us at the AA Auto Centre Strydom Park.

AA Auto Centre

Click on our interactive car below

Get an idea of what you need for your service. We created a concept car that allows you to evaluate what you need for your next appointment with us.

Engine Wheels and tyres Suspension Windows and Screen Head Lights Shocks 128 Point Inspection Brakes Check and Replacement Aircon Service and Regas Batteries


At the AA Auto Centre we will :

Check all fluids from the radiator, coolant, and hydraulic fluids, we inspect all hoses and pipes. We conduct annual services which keep your engine in prime condition, running smoothly and reducing costs in the long run. The service would include the full package from the front of your engine all the way to your vehicle's exhaust system. These would be spark plugs, belts, oil changes, radiator flushes, brake pads and discs, and everything in between.

Wheels and tyres

Suspension checks

Hydraulic check

Undercarriage oil leaks and pipe or hose connections

Wheel alignment checks

Steering Alignment

Steering pulling to one side

Steering no longer straight


Continued bouncing after hitting bumps or a dipping when braking.

A drifting or pulling to one side when turning corners.

One side of the parked car sitting lower than the other side.

Difficult steering.

Unusually bumpy rides

Windows and Screen

Chip repairs

Windscreen Replacement

Coming soon - We know your time is valuable and so is your safety, an opportunity to partner with PG Glass is underway within the AA Auto Centre only at Styrdom Park. This will allow you to get a service done and replace or fix your windscreen at the same time.

Head Lights

Changing and fitment of the headlights and all electrical work that may be needed.


How to know your shocks are on their way out

The ride may become bouncy.

The steering wheel may vibrate (if it's a front shock that has gone bad)

The vehicle may have nose dive more than usual upon braking.

Tire wear may increase

We will assist with sourcing the best part at the best rate, not to mention we will also do the install of the shocks following our quality best practice you've come to know the AA for.

128 Point Inspection

Your 128 Point Inspection will be completed in under 3 hours, while you have a cup of coffee and make use of our WIFI Facilities at the AA Auto Centre. For peace of mind driving contact us on 010 822 7450.

Brakes Check and Replacement

Hear a squealing noise.

A clicking noise

Bringing the car to a stop takes more time than to used to

The nose of your car pulls to one side when you brake

The Brake pedal vibrates when being pressed

Aircon Service and Regas

Checking and inspecting the aircon of your car is vital to keep you comfortable in today's environment especially in South Africa.

We service, repair, inspect and maintain a vehicles aircon at the AA Auto Centre

Speak to an expert about your regassing today.


We at the AA Auto Centre will test, evaluate and replace your battery using only the best brands.

Free Towing for all AA Auto Centre Cleints -within a 30km Radius

AA Auto Centre performs vehicle servicing and maintenance for all motorists, not only to AA Members. AA Members benefit through a discount of 10% on offerings through AA Auto Centre. 

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all our services come with 1 month Free Roadside assistance

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